Sinh To Bo

Besides our great food is also our fan favorite fruit smoothies and bubble tea juice bar.  We offer fresh fruit smoothies and bubble tea.  Our best seller is our “sinh to bo”, or our avocado fruit smoothie.  It may sound weird, but it is delicious blend of real avocado with condense milk and ice cream that makes this smoothie absolutely creamy and delicious.  It is a meal in a cup, but just completely satisfying.  Don’t believe us?  Come try one out and you be the judge.

We also offer bubble tea that consist of a type of tea served with “bubbles” or “boba”.  These small sweet and chewy morsels will add an extra texture to your favorite tea.  Some of the tea includes the original milk tea, Thai milk tea, or green tea to name a few.

We have plenty of fruit and bubble tea selection for you to choose from and there are sure to be one to satisfy your taste buds.